Hollykins Golden Retriever Puppies  Hollykins Golden Retriever Puppies

We have summer litter plans.

Puppies are born from genetically sound parents with all genetic testing done by Board Certified Veterinary Specialists. (OFA)

Breeding dogs will have their hips & elbows x-rayed and submitted to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) for evaluation.
Prior to be being considered as a breeding prospect,prospective breeding pairs will have their hearts checked by a board certified canine cardiologist, .
Eyes are examined annually by a board certified opthalmologist.

Our puppies are CKC Registered, and are sold under a non-breeding contract whereby you agree to spay/neuter your pup.

Puppies are dewormed at two, four and six weeks of age, and again at their veterinary vaccine & health check appointment.

Puppies go home with a 'puppy kit' which consists of toys, collar, dishes, as well as a puppy binder of information to help you with your new puppy. They also leave here with 6 weeks of pet insurance, just in case your new puppy should get into anything when they first go home.

We have made every effort to provide our clients with beautiful, healthy representatives of the breed, and if problems do arise we stand behind our puppies.


If you feel you may be interested in a puppy, please fill out a puppy appclication and we will contact you as soon as possible for a personal interview.

Puppy Application

It is not uncommon for our litters to be sold before they are born, leading to most reservation lists filling quickly.

A good puppy is worth waiting for. Be prepared to wait 4-6 months for that special puppy. Typically, our puppies are reserved well in advance of a planned breeding.

Once the application is approved, we will arrange for a visit to meet your family and give you the opportunity to meet with ours. Upon final approval, we require a $250.00 deposit (non-refundable) to reserve your puppy.

We patiently wait for the arrival of the puppies. Once the puppies are born, I can determine what is available and confirm your reservation. I provide regular photos so you can watch as your puppy grows. At around 5 weeks of age, weather permitting, I plan a puppy visit for all the new owners of the puppies. (This visit is limited to IMMEDIATE family members only.)

At this time, I watch how the puppies intereact and take suggestions on preferences from potential owners. We carefully pair puppies with their new owners based on your application, your interview, your visit, and the puppy's personality. After years of experience, and many hours spent intereacting with our puppies before they go, we feel we are the best judge of which puppy is best suited for your family.

Puppies are for life which is why we want to choose a puppy that will best suit the needs of its family and vice versa. Your limited intereacton with the litter will not give you enough time or information to make an educated decision on which puppy would best suit your liefstyle.

Our babies are born in my office and I sleep with them for 2-3 weeks until their eyes are open. At this time they are exposed to Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS)

At three weeks of age, they are moved to the kitchen where they experience everyday sights and sounds, recieving daily cuddles and socializing. We safely continue to introduce sights, sounds, and people. as well as the other dogs and our two cats.

Hollykins Golden Retriever Puppies  Hollykins Golden Retriever Puppies

We pride ourselves on always being available to answer any questions (anything) as well as offering to help care for your family member should you ever need any assistance.

Feel free to reach out should you have any questions.


Hollykins Golden Retriever Puppies